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Pixel layers are what you will use to edit an image w/o destroying it, as illustrated by the third layer I had you create, if you follow my very basic tutorials in order.

In some cases you need to create an adjustment layer using a pixel layer.  My choice of words is confusing here, I am aware of that.  As an example, to reduce color noise in an image you will use a dominant pixel layer that has been blurred tehn select a blend mode that makes sense for your image.  Add a controling mask to your effect and you reduce color noise effectively without reducing you initial image sharpness.  This is why I call some pixel layers 'adjustement'.

You can also control the white balance of an image using a pixel layer, there are numerous youtube videos that show you how.  I modified what is shown in the videos and obtain better results, this will part of pointed tutorial, same as color noise removal.

Pixels layers are created by:

  • Duplicating another pixel layer like the background (Ctrl-J)
  • Creating a new pixel layer (Shift-Ctrl-N)
  • Inserting an object using a selection cut and paste (Ctrl-X Ctrl-V) or copy (Ctrl-C Ctrl-V)
  • ​Inserting a new image from an external source

What you must remember, and this important, whenever you use a pixel layer it is applied before a mask takes effect.

Last page update: 01/31/2016

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