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Adjustment layers are created using the adjustement palette, the adjustment icon ot the file menu.  Either way they all have something in common: they do not modify the original pixels but influence their RGB-L value by adding of substrating from them.

Adjustment layers rarely work well if they do not use a mask.  This mask can be really simple as we saw in the previous pixel layer but really need to be pointed and use more precise ways of masking.  This is where 'selection enters'.  A selection is simple like everything else in PS CC, as a concept that is.  Creating the correct selection is not.

The adjustment layer palette

Top row






These are the most used adjustment layers.


Bottom row




Selective color

Gradiant map

Beside the Threshold layer I have not found any use for me.

Second row


Color balance

Black & White

Photo filter

Channel mixer

Color look-up

Of these I find the Black and white adjustment layer the most interesting.

For you to find out what these do, the best bet is to try them, one by one but first let's try one, then you are on your own with the adjutement layers...

Last page update: 01/31/2016

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