Layers - A spacial concept or just a layer? 

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Layering is a corner stone in PS CC.  You must wrap your head around before going further.

A layer can be described as coats of paint onto a wall.  The wall being the background layer.  It also can be describes as pancakes stacked, the bottom one is the background.  One of the best explaation thought is that of a image covered by tranlucent papers that transform the visibility of the image.

Regardeless of how you want to think of it layers are important.  If it helps instead of thinking vertically where the background is a base, think of it horizntally where the background is a wall or better yet, a painter's canvas to paint on.

Layers are cumulative meaning that they always add to each other.  They intereact with each other in a structured order, the top one being the top dog.

There are several types of layers.  We will look at each one in turn.

One of the advantages of layers is that you can edit them without editing the original pixels, more on that later.

Last page update: 01/22/2016

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