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Tutorial order First screen Open an image Layers Masking Adjustment layers Pixel layers

Well, it appears disorganized, advanced features in the middle of basic ones?  That makes no sense, yet it does.  This is the reason you need to pay attention.

When editing an image you must first deal with the non destructive adjustments then move on to details then the nitty gritty and finally the destructive edits like filters, sharpening, cropping, resizing, sharpening (yes, twice as if you resize there is a strong possibility that sharpening is needed again.  Why not wait?  Simple, if you resize a soft image it will become softer so sharpening last does not really work.  (That is my experience anyway, I sharpen before and I sharpen again, after resizing).

First you will learn about pixel layers then adjustment layers all the while being exposed to masking, luminosity selection and layer blending, what works, what does not.

Then we will move on to the repair tools, how to repair an image w/o disturbing the original pixels.  You will also be exposed to various options to remove color noise w/o reducing an image clarity or sharpness.  Please note that since I consider neutral noise as acceptable I do not even try to remove that as the only way to deal with it is to blur the image.

The next step will introduce filters and smart objects.

After that we will learn about selection using tools and some other options offered in the menus.  You will be exposed to vector selection and vector masks.

Lastly I will introduce you to linked objects and why you should use them when you deal with composite and resizing.

After that, well, it is all fun and games.

Last page update: 04/08/2016

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