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You have several ways to open an image in PS CC.

The simplest is from Windows explorer.  Set Windows explorer open image default to PS CC and all you have to do is to double click on it.

Programs like Lightroom, Bridge will open PS CC from within since it is the default editor.

Other software like ACDsee will also open PS CC if you setup an external editor to edit an image.

From PS CC just press Ctrl-O, use the mouse or the key strokes File menu (Alt), Open (O).  PS CC allows you to recall recent documents; the number of recently opened documet is set in file handling (f you have not skipped that page you know where that setting is mentioned, right?).  Under file menu you have a number of other options including 'import' which is to say 'open a non standard document'.

No matter, several things can happen now:

  • The file opens straight onto windows (JPG by example)
  • A program other than PS CC opens: Adobe camera raw (ACR), if you followed my setup instructions a JPG will also open ACR.

For now, ignore ACR and click open document (lower right button)

Last page update: 04/08/2016

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