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I am in the process of throwing away all camera white balance settings in favor of a unique setting using a uniWB frame.

White balance (WB) is about using a neutral gray setting that corrects the main ambient light bias.

You can set it in camera as automated or as manual. If you 'shoot raw' this setting is not all that important but then again many photographic software titles use this setting as a starting point. Getting it right when capturing a scene is not only a good idea but a must if you want to exploit your camera.

You can go through a lot of expenses to get the "right WB" when you purchase color charts, Expodisks, and the like. Personally I was kind of 'screw that' and used the Kelvin scale permanently set at 5500k which is daylight.  I adjusted later to fit my fancy.  Now, uniWB is 'my game'

Even a JPG can have the WB modified but this implies PP and a loss when saving it.  I would recommend if you use JPG to set your WB correctly in camera.  Each camera has its own way to set a custom WB.  If this fits your need, just read your manual to learn how to set the WB.  It generally consists of taking one capture over a neutral background and then use that capture as a matrix for the customized WB.  UniWB is not for JPG, please do not even think about using it!!!

This is not more complicated than that.

If you expected more, sorry.  Just remember that I use a format (raw) that does not use the WB setting but registers it.

'Is WB figment of our imagination?' certainly is, read the color pages.  What is interesting about uniWB is that the use is not about color but about exposure, getting the right feedback from your camera and, well, see what the camera sensor sees...  Green!!!

Last page update: 04/07/2016

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