What is ISO - Yeah what is that thing? 

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ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization. For photographers it really means nothing unless you look at the ISO/TC 42 photography page in the ISO web site. If you are an egg head, by all means google it and have a blast.

For regular folks like you and I it is a simple number that tells us what a film was capable of in term of sensitivity. It was a strict definition and it worked regardless of the film manufacturer.

If I type the above there is a reason: ISO means, well, who knows. It is a scale whose definition differs depending on the camera manufacturer. This in turns means that the old hand-held light-meters and flash-meters need to be calibrated to reflect the changes. I am not saying 'good luck with that' but I am typing it.

The ISO number indicates that you are using your camera in a sensor sensitivity setting that can go from 25 to more than 1m* in some models. Because we are dealing with sensors that uses photons in order to create electons that in turn are used to create a binary number, this gets complex real fast so why trying to bother understanding that stuff anyway?

I most certainly do not but a minimal understanding is needed as your capture quality depends on it.  Each sensor has an optimal ISO setting.  Too low a number photons get lost and too high and the sensor starts creating ghost photons**!!! (Not mentioning the pixels that fail in both cases)

The only way for you to know what the optimal setting is to experiment. For my Nikon D800e I get my best optimal results at about 200 ISO. Since it is hard to see a difference between 100~800 let's just say it is within that range.


* As per the new Nikon D5 and D500

** For lack of better word like signal noise

Last page update: 04/07/2016

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