Understanding - or shall I say tutorials? 

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If you really want to learn, please pay attention, each page contains information that I build on.

Read carefully and follow the steps without jumping around. Repeat them as necessary. 

I am trying to make you to learn the short-cuts, not the mouse or any rodent for that matter. 

Rodents belong in a mouse trap and should stay there.

First off my approach to PS CC is mainly experimental.  I did not know anything about it so I watched videos that in the end confused me more than anything else.

I am not a trainer, never will I claim to be or become one.  What I do can be complex when an easier solution might exist and likely does.

I do not use plug-ins or extensions as I find them unecessary.  I am well aware that for some it is a life and time saver.  I have the time and I do not need to be saved so I learn the hard way and discovers things I would never had if I had taken the 'easy way'.

Since I do not think you are here to read my rant, let's attend to business.

I have tried to organize the pages as building blocks.  I hope you have read the PS CC setup pages.  These pages are important or will be once you understand better.  You do not need to remember much but Ctrl-K.

PS CC is based on selections, layers and masks.  It is hard to know where to start so I will with the simplest of all pixel layers then masks..

From there, well, we will see.

IMPORTANT!!! When you see a "-" between CTRL, Alt, Shift, a letter or a number the CTRL, Alt, Shift need to be pressed down and kept down while using the letterWhen "-" is absent you must press each key by the order given.

Last page update: 04/08/2016

It is not what you know that is important, how you use it is.

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