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Post processing (PP) is an integral part of a photograph creation.

Photographers serious about their craft know and understand the need for PP as an additional tool to enhance, modify and render the vision they had while capturing a scene.  PP can be used and abused in many ways so what you do with it is really up to you.

For me PP is a tool made to enhance, not correct anything.  The idea that PP is for correcting a photographer's error is absurd.  You cannot 'repair' a wasted capture, you can only make it worse.  Keep this in mind while reading the pages I publish.

I am a firm proponent of getting it right in camera before anything.  If the capture is inadequate I do not waste time unless I deliberately made a bad capture in order to learn something.

My line of thinking is often against the grain as I do not accept plug-ins extensions and the like.  While convenient and fast these are expensive and the cost of using these things can run up very quickly.  My trouble is that these plugins do nothing more than what PS CC does in the first place.  Learning PS is not only a way to save a few bucks but also way to really control PP in all its options.

If your way of thinking is square and immovable, quit reading and browse some other web site more to your liking.


These pages will not make you an expert.  They are made to give a clear understanding of features and tools used by Photoshop CC ####.  Nothing more.

The tutorials provided are 'as is'.

You can apply all that you have learned anyway you want it but remember: PS CC provides infinite combinations of doing the same thing.  Your personality and your work habit will always determine how successful you will be.

Unlike cooking where you can follow receipies to obtain a regular, edible meal (I did not say good) PS CC will react oddly in some cases and create monstrosities.

Last page update: 01/22/2016

It is not what you know that is important, how you use it is.

This site is under construction.

This site is created on my experience, past and present.

It introduces opinions that are not shared by many but reflect what I think is fair and informative.