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My camera settings depend of what I do yet I have a preference for the settings I list below.  I rarely change them at all.

These settings apply to my work-horses, a Nikon D300 and a Nikon D800e.

  • File format: raw I sometime use + JPG fine
  • White balance:  uniWB
  • Color space: This varies with the final product medium otherwise I set it to RGB
  • Exposure Mode:  Full manual.  I set Speed, Aperture and ISO
  • Focusing: Manual
  • Flash: When used the camera is set 125/s.  I usually use the flash auto mode after manually setting the ISO to reflect the camera ISO selection.  I use what is called 'rear curtain' or 'second curtain' setting.
  • Grid guidelines:  On, always.  This helps when composing a capture

I do not let some genius from Nikon (or any camera manufacturer) dictate what is 'good or bad'.  If I want to blame someone for producing GES I want it to be me, not some poor chap who thinks he knows more than I what I want.

Failure is always an option (sometime deliberate) as long as I learn from it.

Note that since I shoot raw some of the settings like the color space are recorded and used only as a solid base when post processing.

Last page update: 04/07/2016

It is not what you know that is important, how you use it is.

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