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When I started writing this I intended to use JPG vs PNG and  as I typed I let my fingers run the show...


I don't care what anyone says JPG is and always will be my choice. Raw is for sissies. I am a PHOTOGRAPHER!!! Why should I pretend to take better photographs in raw when we all know that raw is for amateurs who do not know how to use their gear?

Raw is a crutch, a way correct mistakes, you have to read what hey say:

  • I can change the WB without losing anything!
    Well so can I but hey! I don't need to, I get it right! They don't.
  • I have more colors!
    So what? You cannot see them!
  • I have better dynamic range to exploit my pictures.
    Yeah right! Show it to me!

Honestly folks, do you really believe these guys? THEY HAVE NO CLUE!

Oh, I forgot:

“raw cannot be edited and is a safe format”

Yes well, I will not say 'up yours' but I am thinking it. I can use DNG to protect my JPG so there, no difference.

Something else, JPG is made by the camera using your idiotic raw. It comes out perfect EVERY TIME!

What is this crap about ETTR and EBTR? Makes you feel smarter to use anagrams like this on internet? NOT!!!  You are just ignorant!

Yup raw is for lazy people, same as having full frame high rez sensors, who needs that crap? Some dolt in the raw crowd. They cannot compose so having more pixels allows them to recompose their digital monstrosities. I GET IT RIGHT!

These folks do not even comprehend that raw is not an internet standard! I am telling you, how thick are they, really?

Notice that every simpleton that uses raw post-processes everything and I mean EVERYTHING! Can you believe it? They should go out more often and hone their skills taking pictures instead of being in front of their computers all the time. But then again we should be forgiving, everyone has to start one day.

SOOC guys, SOOC! No PP, No nothing. SOOC!

raw shooters are just like a sect. Not only they believe everything they read but they take it as the 'truth' and the 'only truth'. You just have to see them in forums trolling to convert other folks to promote their beliefs! I believe in god, not in raw, folks, take that to the bank.

JPG is my god given choice! Next thing you know raw shooters will try to prevent me to shoot people and take my cherished guns away.  Go for it I say! 

Come on, I AM WAITING!!!

Last page update: 04/08/2016

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