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Post processing now takes place 'in house' meaning in a 'clean office' and with a computer.

Everything I post in PP is Windows centric, there is a reason for that: I use it.

I see no advantage in macs or linux machine other than having to pay a high price or return to the stone age of a DOS prompt.

That said, before you get onto PP you need to consider the machine you have and if it is really capable of serving you correctly.

Being fast is not enough, having loads of RAM is not enough.  What is?  Compliance.

If I recommend shooting in raw and work in RGB work-space it is about potential.  If your machine is not capable of working with RGB there is no point to select that when editing unless you like gambling.

Your machine must have a RGB compliant graphic card that is recognized by windows.  Not only that but your display must also be capable of displaying RGB.  Most are using sRGB as it is the WEB standard but for photographers sRGB is a limitation. A 'IPS' display is best.

Then you have the 'calibration'.  Calibrating the display is the most important as it is the base you are working from.  You make decisions from that point of view so go ahead calibrate your display for the best possible work-space start-up. 

If you print you must calibrate the printer/media (paper type) combination.

​If your end goal is the WEB reduce the color space (to sRGB) before exporting to a WEB format (JPG or PNG) and verify that there is no color shift.  When (not if) the colors are not displayed correctly on another computer I would not worry much, if at all.  If your calibration is correct, the display used by the end user is at fault (assuming you have calibrated your monitor correctly).

Last page update: 04/07/2016

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