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Why a can of worms? 

The file format varies depending on the camera capabilities first then on the choice made by the person using the said camera.  From there it degenerates into meaningless argumentation as to what is best, in and out of a camera.

Start a thread on any format vs another in any forum and GES promoters come out of hiding.

While I am a firm raw format advocate I must recognize that JPG has its uses in some type of photography that require relatively long bursts of shooting captures.  (If it last more than a few seconds, buy a video camera!!!)

Then there are opinions that are, well, a bit too extreme and an excuse to produce GES.  'If it is on the web it must be true' prevails. Anybody and his sick brother can promote any point of view without verification. Folks who read this type of information and take it to heart are responsible for the GES I always disparage.  These folks feel personally threatened - with some reason - when their beliefs are challenged.  After all who wants to be made a fool of?  And so it becomes a matter of faith. 'We have not landed on the moon' and 'Elvis lives!'.  One of the annoying aspect of the human beast: Acts of blind faith based on false information.

Personally I consider that any photographer who wants to produce quality work and enter the 'fine art' section of producing photographs must use the best cameras can offer when selecting a file format.  That format is 'raw'.

To end this:  I do not care what anyone does.  I care only about what I do.  That is enough.

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