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Regardless of what you do you need to deal with Exposure.

The first one usually absent from any mention is the ISO.  ISO is the poor child, the unwanted, the 'laisse pour compte' but in reality it is the most important one.  So why is it not recognized?  Simply because of the film era.  When one placed a roll of film inside a camera the ISO was set and everyone forgot about it, too busy dealing with aperture and speed.

ISO was so ignored that we used to call semi auto the Aperture and Speed mode, after all these were the only two settings.  Set one, the other will adjust.  Manual was still only two settings.  You can still see this wrong line of thinking when folks try to impress others with their 'EV table and science'.  That the same table mention 1/3 increment not 1/2 should raise at least some suspicion as to what is going on...

Today is a different era and while dutifully ignored ISO is more important than ever*.  Forget the brouhaha over high ISO few ever use that and if so with dismal results.  Select the wrong ISO and you cannot get what you want without serious compromises.

Aperture is the second most important setting as it refers to what is in focus or more precisely in the acceptable focus range (DOF).

Speed while important does not superseed the aperture but will need ISO in order to achieve a greater range so that the capture subject is within the DOF desired.

Exposure is basically the art to compromise between three selection and getting it right every time.


* Check camera modes for more detailed information.

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