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This is just a list of cameras I have used over time:

Canon AE-1 (No idea what happenned to this camera)

Sinar 8*13 view camera (not mine but was taught to use it for a few months)

RB-67 (destroyed in fender bender)

Nikon FM1 (sold)

Nikon FG (stolen)

Nikon FM2 (gave it away)

RB-67 (sold)

Fuji pro S2 (gave it away)

Nikon D40x (gave it away)

Nikon D300 (backup camera)

Nikon D800e (current workhorse)

GoPro 4 'black' (driving camera for trip in Europe - Gave it away)

Lens used at the moment:


18~200 (D300)


14 mm (rarely used, too much flare)


105 mm Macro

135 mm Portrait

600 mm (off brand, rarely used)

28~300 mm

Various filters


Metz 45 CT 4

Metz 60 CT

Onkyo - Gary Wong diffuser as accessory


Gossen light meter

Expo disk (WB)

Misc - related to camera holding

Velbon studio tripod w/ dolly

Velbon monopod

Panosaurus adaptor (Cheap manual pano adaptor)

Various other adaptors related to camera handling

Last page update: 04/07/2016

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