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EXIF is explained all over the WEB.  This is just a quick review of all the information and why it should interest you.

EXIF is nothing more than the recording of settings.

It can be divided in a few generic parts:

  • Camera information (model make serial body/lens; manufacturer specific data ~ usually hidden - if not encrypted ~)
  • Capture information (Five Ws and How).  This is what we use most of the time.
  • Software information (PP software signature)
  • Custom information (Copyright, shoot info, client, notes...  Some is set in camera and can be added/modified afterward)

Exif information can be viewed, modified or scrubbed with the appropriate software.

According to recent news there is a push to include DRM information and password protection to the image EXIF.  Neither of them make much sense for the simple reason that the recording industry has been fighting copyright infringements using various DRM schemes with no success, sooner or later a hacker finds the way around DRM.  As to password protection this is just as bad as unless you use the same password for everything you get into the realm of 'good idea' but... Did you think of the ramifications?'

Last page update: 01/01/2016

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