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This section is about setting up a generic camera.  Most of the terms I use are Nikon centric but once 'translated' onto other brand terminology you can apply what I suggest to your own cameras.

Like everything else we must learn how to use our tools correctly.  While all cameras have a either printed or digital on a disk or on the web,  these manuals list the camera settings (and where they are) be but they do not give you the needed information in order to select the best; there are simply too many variables.

By example they do not tell you the potential of a raw capture or that the noise increase when you use higher ISO nor do they tell you that the optimal dynamic range of a camera is deteriorating significantly when you use higher ISO than 400 to 800 ISO (Nikon).  These numbers can be different with other brands but the same deterioration of quality exists in all cameras.

The pages are organized essentially in order to achieve the best quality for an initial capture.  Specific settings like Depth of field (DOF), ISO are covered in another page, 'Capture'.

  • My preferred settings: They work for me

  • File Format: Differences between raw, JPG and other formats.

  • Color:  This page covers both the color space and color depth of a capture as well as my point of view

  • White balance: Introduces the notion of 'equilibrium' in light quality

  • EXIF: List is there and what to do with it, if anything

  • ISO: Ins and outs of setting ISO

Last page update: 04/07/2016

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