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There are striking differences between a capture, an image and a photograph, in my opinion.

A capture is what is initially taken with the camera, a frozen moment in time.  At that moment what you have is a potential for something.  A planned capture is an intermediate step of a long work-flow.  A snap-shot or a 'candid' are what I call a capture.  They have very little value as far as photography goes.  Now if you consider the content these can be more valuable than anything. 

An image is a decent capture with minimal post processing.  Leica (the black dog) is an image, not a photograph.

A photograph is a planned, deliberate work pulled from a carefully post processed image. It becomes something more than an image.  It is post processed to pull out every detail needed in order to bring out a photographer's vision and talent.  A photograph cannot not tell a story by itself* but it must create a reaction from a simple question to repulsion.  It is not 'just is'.

I am well aware that my definitions are limited and are points of view,  yet I stand by them.


* While few will agree with me, a photograph is part of a story, an illustration to a story, not a story by itself.  Basically unless the photographer gives a context there is no story especially as time passes.

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