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You will find countless videos on the web to adjust PS CC performance telling you what to do and how to do it.

Personally I will not tell you much other than the basics because I do not know your system nor do I know your work habits.

The most important thing, if you are serious about editing, is to have not only a fast video card but one that supports RGB and hardware acceleration.  If you do not have this minimum you will never be fully happy with the speed 'customisation'.

The more memory you have the better it is and so it goes.  In reality, while not untrue we all run other programs and at the same time use an image editor.  This background software can be 'expensive' in terms of ressources and disk access.  When you set PS CC memory allocation it is a balancing act.  The more you give to PS CC the better right?  Well, NO.  The background software starts swapping to disk defeating your purpose.

Then you have what Adobe calls 'scratch disks'.  That is important and you can upgrade to gain a real speed difference.  SSD drives are the best but they become slower if you do not pay attention to them.  I format mine on regular basis.  When you have a fast hard disk set it up as THE scratch disk and make sure it is on top of the list.  If it not it will be used only when the one above it is full...  Use a dedicated disk if possible (I do).

Auto save is a nice feature and a life saver but it also can slow down your disk access if set improperly.  An autosave that is too frequent is a bad thing and one that is not frequent enough not so good either.  Since we are speaking of disk access I direct the auto-save to my scratch disk.

If you have read between the lines you need to optimize your PC first, before trying to optimize PS CC.

Last page update: 04/16/2016

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