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What you are really looking for, right?

Memory usage.  If you recall what I said in the first page you have programs running in the background.  Depending on how much memory you have you may want to place these under control or, in my case give them room to breathe so that they do not access the disks.

GPU?  Use it.  If you have weird display, disable this, more often than not that will cure the problem yet this is not a really good solution.  If something is wrong, it has to do with your windows drivers more than anything else.  You need to do some trouble shooting there, THAT is the real solution.  Oh, if you disable the GPU change the cache level to 1.

History will eat some of your memory, if you are RAM starved, every bit count so lower this and use 'snapshots' instead of a long history.

Use Big and Flat* if you have the RAM otherwise use Tall and Thin.  Default is adequate but if you want to optimize when low in memory, well Tall and Thin is your game.  The choices you make here are reflected on the right.

Using the right side you can create your own settings.  I hope you know what you are doing...

Cache tile size...  Do not change this.  I never seen any improvement with this setting.  It refers to chunks of memory written to the disk as changes are applied.  Too small and the write/read increase in frequency offsetting the size gain so... Nix it.

Cache Levels really depends on your graphic card GPU and associated memory.  Since I have 8 GB I use the maximum allowed.

Default settings

Default settings

My preferences



* I am not sure what 'flat' means compared to tall and thin...  Political correctness at work?  Who knows.

Last page update: 04/08/2016

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