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Well, it is true, up to a point.  PS CC needs quite a bit or RAM but that is not the whole story.

An image is loaded onto the RAM.  As soon as you start modifying any pixel PS CC accesses a disk, even if there are loads of RAM available.  This is why you have to be careful on how you interpret 'The more you have'.

The more RAM applies for two conditions:  The size of the file you are editing, including the pixel layers you create like masks and the programs running in the background.  The more programs running you the more trouble you will get into.  PS CC will reserve its own space and basically make it 'off limit' to the rest, resulting in disk swapping created by the background 'noise'.  That can slow you down quite a bit and is not caused by PS CC.

So?  If you have 'loads of memory' allow for more to be dedicated for the background.  Sounds counter productive yet it is more efficient.

Last page update: 01/01/2016

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