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All graphic cards are not made equal. If you want to get a new one because you feel let down by the one you have do a couple of checks first as the display maybe the problem.

Make sure the display and the card speak the same language (Color space). This alone makes a huge difference. Check if the display uses its nominal resolution and the corresponding resolution from the card. Next check that the display is using a 'photo mode'. This influences the colors.

Calibrate the monitor.

You still want a new card? Purchase one that has at least 2GB DDR5 memory, a GPU accelerator and large bandwidth. Everything here influences the card speed. Make sure the card is RGB compliant at the very least.  I have to assume that you are not building your own computer.  Before purchasing anything check the bus type, the maximal size that can fit in your computer case then verify that the power supply your computer uses is capable of powering a newer graphic card.

Price of a decent graphic card? Between $200.00 to $400.00. Then you have obscene prices nearly impossible to justify that cost well over 1k.

As usual I do not recommend any brand, just generic features. There are web sites that specialize in hardware review, use them to learn more and make a choice that fits you, your wallet and your purpose.

Last page update: 04/07/2016

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