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The settings here are important.

When it comes to performance see the file saving options.

raw options are under 'File Compatibility'

The rest are also interesting as you can make PS CC ignore EXIF and Meta data information.  I am not sure why one would do that but then again, it is just me.

Disable PSD and PSB compression.  This may have compliance issues with other software, I do not know.

Maximize compatibility?  Your choice, I say no.

Recent list of file open, well...  'Blah'  it takes some memory away but very little.  I set it to 10.

Enable Adobe drive?  Heck no!  This allows you to store your files on the cloud.  All well and good but you need a high speed connection for this to be efficient.

Default settings


My preferences

Last page update: 04/08/2016

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