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If this is what you think, good luck.

Data is your life work, your reason to have a PC in the first place so you need to know how to deal with it.

In a computer the most solicited HDD is the OS drive (C:).  It is also the most targeted drive by viruses and the like so why do you keep your data onto that drive?  Install a new HDD (yep, in addition to the other two I mentioned in the previous page).

There are two reasons for that.  The first is simply because you will avoid the failure of the OS drive for any reason.  The second is having all your data in a single area allows you not only to find everything faster but most importantly it will allow you to make backups as quickly and as often as you can.

Now the word is out, what is a data backup?

Once upon a time it involved special hardware/software or whatever else was offered.  Now it is much simpler.  Just add an external HDD (ouch a fifth drive) and copy/paste the content of you data drive onto it.  This being the simple way of doing it.  A more secure way is to use rotating set of external drives to store backups.  How often is really up to you.  Please note that I recommend using a dedicated software to do your backup and password protect the later that way if stolen you data is not accessible.

Keep something in mind: It does not matter how good your backup system is if you keep the latest drive next to your computer or even in the same building.  Anything can happen from a thief to a more calamitous event.  It the stuff is together chances it will all be gone so...  Use off site storage for your most recent back-up.

Cloud storage is a solution.  While touted as free, it really is not.  It takes quite a bit of time to upload/download your files.  The amount of data transffered goes against your ISP limits.  Add to that that you are the mercy of your cloud storage owner and you can have some interesting surprise like  losing everything if you have not paid attention to a 'change of policy' that goes from making the service paying to simply cutting you off.  Add the the caveats in small print and...  Nope, I do not use any 'cloud service', even on my own server space.

Last page update: 04/07/2016

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