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As technology progresses so does the data files and storage format.

Files that are standard today may one day not be so tomorrow so what can you say about proprietary format if not scream 'HELP!!!'???

Addressing storage format and/or medium is a full time job.  Archivists trust nothing anymore.  They have to deal with so many issues that it truly has become a complex profession.  Problem is, we are not archivists.

Our best option when it comes to medium is regrettably the 'cloud storage' IF you trust these guys and are willing to pay.  You have to be demanding here and make sure that not only the company is reliable but their back-up method is up to snuff.  Not an easy task to decide but hey!  That is still the best option.  Since we are talking about archiving we do not have the same issue with internet traffic as with did with backing up files since this is storage and not active files.

The file format is another issue.  The best bet is to select a standard that offers the best quality.  At the moment the best file format is TIFF.  While these files can be really large they offer what we need as photographers.  I have a note a caution thought, keep your eyes open for the next 'best standard' just in case something better comes along and no, it is not DNG, at least not at the moment.

By the way, this is true for all data, not simply photography and or digital images.

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Last page update: 01/14/2016

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